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Crispy bacon without the mess and greasy kitchen countertops!

► Tired of waiting forever for your bacon to cook?

► Do you moan about the greasy mess you have to clean up afterwards?

Imagine being able to eat deliciously crispy bacon without having to wait and without having to clean the dirty kitchen. Now you can say goodbye to grease splatters and enjoy quick, delicious bacon!
With CrispyBacon - the microwave bacon cooker - turn your microwave into a bacon cooking powerhouse.

In minutes you can make perfectly crispy bacon without the usual mess . No more dodging hot oil or scrubbing pans.

Forget the hassle of flipping or monitoring - CrispyBacon does it all and ensures every strip is cooked to perfection.

Thanks to the intelligent design that promotes heat circulation, you can easily cook up to 8 slices of bacon at once, with each piece perfectly crispy and evenly cooked.
The integrated drip tray catches all the grease, making cleaning a breeze and saving you the usual greasy after-effects.

In addition, the collected bacon fat can be reused to cook eggs or refine other dishes.

What makes CrispyBacon different?

✔️ Cooks 8 slices at once
✔️ Cooks the bacon evenly
✔️ Integrated fat drip tray
✔️ Easy, clean cleaning
✔️ Safe, BPA-free materials

Efficient cooking of multiple slices

With the ability to cook up to 8 slices of bacon at once, you can feed the whole family or prep for the week while dramatically reducing cooking time and effort.

Evenly cooked bacon

Thanks to the cooker's innovative design, each strip of bacon is heated evenly, so the bacon is evenly cooked and perfectly crispy every time - no more unevenly cooked strips and no more constant monitoring and turning of the bacon.

No greasy mess

The integrated drip tray catches all the bacon grease and keeps it out of your microwave. This not only prevents unsightly splashes, but also ensures a healthier cooking process as excess fat is separated.

How to use them

1- Place the bacon on the rack one at a time.
2- Cover it with the lid and lock it with the latch underneath.
3- If you use 8 pieces of bacon, an average microwave time of 5 to 7 minutes will give you great results.
4- The fat drips into the lower bowl and is collected there. The stored fat can also be used for frying eggs and other purposes. Enjoy your meal.

Package includes:

1 * CrispyBacon - microwave bacon cooker

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